Concert 4 Corbyn

By Jim Jones

I wouldn’t say I’m particularly pro left or pro right or populist or radical; I find all those categories too pigeonholing, restricting, and ultimately a bit of a distraction from plain fairness and decency. When I look at Corbyn, I don’t see him in the same light as most politicians, for a start every time he speaks, I understand exactly what he says. Anyone who upsets the establishment as much as he does is alright in my book. With the full weight of the mainstream media against him he won the Party leadership election ‘again’ by a landslide ‘again’ And still, they can’t seem to get their heads around his popularity. They can’t quite reconcile themselves with the idea of a leader that doesn’t have the same self serving ego and ‘profits über alles’ ethos as the rest of them. I’m so sick of those ‘cut and thrust’ alpha wannabe people strutting around like they own the place. Who the fuck do they think they are?

It seems simple to me; if you stand on someone’s shoulders to reach something, you ought to give them respect, recognition, and a share. A company called Rocksalts got in touch with me. They were setting up a series of concerts to raise money for Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for Prime Minister, and would I be interested in getting involved .. ‘Fuck Yes!’ Being given a chance to be part of the solution. I’ve Been shouting all my life, but Jeremy Corbyn is the first person to make me feel like I actually had a voice. I’m generally anti establishment just by default; but the way things are now? This is the 21st century for fucks sake! How can you not horrified by what’s increasingly happening in government? Corporate control; constant war; fake austerity; no representation of people’s needs or wishes; running our county’s social services into the ground in a very transparent feeding frenzy by those who already have so much that they have to hoard large amounts of wealth in secret overseas tax havens; and to then pass the blame for the resultant problems onto the sick, and vulnerable in fake news from the fake media… That’s just for starters. The fucking nerve of these people.

In music and the arts alone, I’m seeing first hand the effect that corporate power and bullshit austerity is having: it’s killing it. The only growing industry in this country now is retail because yes, obviously we must need more GAP and TK Max ??? It seems like everyone I know is struggling; the only people who aren’t struggling are the one’s who’re telling us we have to make more sacrifices.

It’s hard to see how there can be an end to it all. Sooner or later, it’s gonna be time to fight. I’m angry at the way things are going every day, and I’m more than happy to fire all that anger down the barrel of a microphone. Concerts for Corbyn is a no brainer for me.


I want someone who’s more honest and righteous than you or me to speak for the people. Either that or let’s start burning shit down. J.C. is by far a more preferable choice than some kind of open revolution, whatever that might become, but something has to change, and it’s well overdue!

Being part of these concerts, I genuinely feel like I’ve been given a chance to fight for my country. He’s in a position to do something, make some kind of meaningful difference. The least I can do is lend my support. Stand up and be heard not herd!


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